Constantly evolving, our work has three main pillars:

  1. Engaging and building partnerships with our community;
  2. Deepening our understanding of the interconnected factors at the individual, family, institutional and systems levels that influence child and family health; and
  3. Co-designing, implementing, and evaluating interventions to support child and family health and well-being with diverse communities

Below are some of the current and prior projects that highlight our ongoing work.

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Peel Family Support Network Needs Assessment

Devastating impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic have required collective action to support the health of children, youth, and families. The Peel Family Support Network (PFSN) mobilized in response to the...

Addressing Weight Bias & Stigma in Healthcare

To help address weight bias, stigma, and discrimination among healthcare providers, we are co-designing a continuing professional development curriculum with a team of individuals who have, themselves, experienced weight-based stigma...